Logos's 'Kowloon' is finally coming out

Way back in May 2011, we interviewed an artist called Logos.

His track ‘Kowloon’, an update on Wiley’s Eski template that shot the grime godfather’s trademark square-wave synths into space and left them there to go mad and starve, was being rinsed by DJs like Ben UFO – who included it in his mix CD for Rinse – and generally just seemed like the hottest shit going. Or the coldest. Either way, you know what we mean.

“Why does 8-bar grime still sound like the future?”, Logos mused in that piece. “You listen to some of those records now – I mean they’re a bit rough ’round the edges, a lot of them, though when you look deeper they’re not as rough as you think – but they just came out of nowhere. It still sounds like the future. If people were writing a dystopian film set in London in 2025 or whatever, you could just set it to Wiley beats and it would sound authentic.” If we weren’t already sold, we were then.

Anyway, fast-forward almost a year, and ‘Kowloon’ is finally coming out. It’ll be part of an EP released by Keysound on April 23, following LHF’s debut album for the label, and features the following four tracks:

A1. Kowlon
A2. Atlanta96
B1. King Mob VIP
B2. Error 808

Logos – Kowloon



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