Actress and Convextion feature on Rush Hour's Tracks from the Vault

Back in September, Amsterdam record store-cum-label Rush Hour launched its fascinating ‘Tracks From The Vault’ series.

The new venture was created in order to release lost, unusual or arcane tracks from the Rush Hour annals: Vol 1. featured a formerly unheard track from Duster Valentine, plus a repressing of Aardvark’s slinky classic  ‘(Just Washed) That Pig’. As Juno Plus report, a second instalment is now on the way.

On Vol 2., Werk kingpin Actress provides a long-out-of-print remix of Tom Trago’s ‘Lost In The Streets Of NYC’. When we first reviewed the track back in 2009, we called it a ‘disarmingly high-BPM work-out’; in the context of Actress’ gently stunning new LP R.I.P, the effect is even more distinct. The B-side is a previously unreleased Terrence Dixon remix from Convextion. The Dallas techno producer takes on Dixon’s ‘Rush Hour’, the track that gave the label their name in the first place.

Tracks From The Vault Vol. 2 will see release somewhere between late April and early May. As well as emerging on vinyl, a digital release will also be made available.



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