Huddersfield’s DJ Q has been doing his thing for the best part of a decade, and his 2008 single ‘You Wot!’ is one of the all-time great bassline house anthems (yes, bassline house does still exist, and yes, it is still good).

But bar London’s flirtation with Niche from around that time, it’s generally taken the capital a while to clock onto Q – something that, thankfully, appears to have changed in recent years due to his remarkable ‘Woooo Riddim’ remix (top five in FACT’s tracks of 2011, natch), his ‘All Junglist’ single and subsequent mixtape for Unknown to the Unknown, and a pair of delicious 2-step refixes for Local Action [usual disclosure: a label run by FACT staff member Tom Lea] in ‘Brandy & Coke’.

Q’s latest transmission is a free single titled ‘Sound of Violence’. And in, presumably, a shout to both the UK’s North and South, it comes with both a 4×4 , bassline-style remix and a slinkier 2-step version. Download it below.

Download: ‘DJ Q – Sound of Violence’



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