Available on: Night Audio EP

With a string of releases rooted in a rather uncompromising abstract manipulation of established beat structures and styles, Kentucky’s Tommy Wilson isn’t exactly one to pander to casual bass music enthusiasts. This is blatant from the off in his latest – which marks the return of Submerse and KingThing’s Night Audio imprint after a two year break – as an uneasy loop of rumbles and creaks is punctuated only by an eerie sample from a band as far removed from dance music as possible. ‘Classic’ then furthers into similar broken, skittering techno territory as some of his peers, but drops understated automation and sound design in favour of abrasive bass and drunken vocal samples.

Indeed, subtlety is not something Milyoo is particularly liberal with, but it’s that disregard for space that makes his tunes so welcome and enjoyable, if a little uneasy. The gentle melodic house of ‘Hides in You’ is jolted with a bouncy bass, while the almost too-perfect half-time loop nearing the 140 zone at the beginning of ‘Down To Love’ is soon interrupted by not-quite-rapid-enough vocal chops and sporadic swelling synths. Uneasy for sure, but satisfying.

On the remix tip is Texan VVV, who like Milyoo, offers a unique take on traditionally UK-based dance music thanks in some part to a geographical dislocation. He’s transformed the lead track into a spooky 2-step shuffle driven by wavering synths, sunken keys and that sample. A solid fit for an EP that you’d feel hesitant to drop in a club initially, but probably driven to take that risk after a few increasingly rewarding headphone listens.

Joe Moynihan



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