AtomTM to release new album

AtomTM – one of the best-known of Uwe Schmidt’s 70 different aliases – has an intriguing new project on the way.

raster-noton are to release an LP titled Winterreise (GCSE German translation: ‘winter’s journey). The record is a soundtrack to a series of photographs by Schmidt, exhibited in Tokyo and Frankfurt in 2011. Winterreise is a sister project of sorts: Schmidt’s 2009 Liedgut record was supposedly the inspiration for the exhibition and the music that followed it. Winterreise will, as its title suggests, be an austere and elemental set, closer to Schmidt’s soundscape work than his more peppy compositions.

Schmidt’s plethora of releases under the Atom Heart moniker are some of the most wide-ranging and adventurous in modern electronic music. His subsequent projects, from the exotica of Senor Coconut through to the glitchier Geeez N Gosh, have shown him continuing to explore uncharted territories.

Winterreise is expected to drop on April 16 as a CD. The release follows on from the Sahko’s release of AtomTM’s mothballed Cold Memories back in January.



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