Daedelus, the dapper master of the Monome, always looks impeccably put together. His antic productions, however, are a different story.

The Ninja Tune/Brainfeeder affiliate stuffs his tracks with all sorts of zany hallmarks, and restlessly skips from genre to genre. His latest transmission, being hosted over at Mixmag, shows Daedelus’ attention span is as reliably short as ever.

‘Curtains Don’t Talk’ is a strobing piece of mangled New Jack Swing. Barbershop coos are sliced and scattered, whilst a juddering vocal line curls and writhes over the top. It’s a neat contrast to the scores of pitched-down R&B reworks doing the rounds at the moment – this is jittery, jubilant stuff. Fans of Mouse On Mars’ recent Parastrophics in particular will find plenty to enjoy.

As previously reported, Daedelus is set to appear alongside Kutmah and Taylor McFerrin at Village Underground on April 13.



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