Since its formation in 1992, Axis Records has played host to much of Jeff Mills’ most uncompromising output – not to mention contributions from the likes of Robert Hood and Claude Young.

Mills will celebrate the imprint’s 20th anniversary with an extensive retrospective compilation [via Juno Plus]. Sequence: A Retrospective Of Axis Records will feature 26 tracks running the length of the label’s history, including its first ever release (‘Mutant Theory’ by H&M, aka Mills with Robert Hood), a live recording, soundtrack work and highlights from Mills’ recent Something In The Sky series.

The release will be available as a double CD, with accompanying liner notes from Mills. Given the conceptual rigour with which he approaches every aspect of his career, expect these to be more illuminating than your average glossy-papered reminiscences.

No release date as yet. You can see the artwork and full tracklist below.


1. Tranquilizer EP (AX-001) 1992 “Mutant Theory”
2. Mecca EP (AX-004) 1993 “Step To Enchantment” (stringent mix)
3. Drama EP (AX-006) 1993 “Suspense” remix version
4. Cycle 30 EP (AX-008) 1994 “Utopia”
5. Growth EP (AX-010 1994 “Growth”
6. Purpose Maker EP (AX-011) 1995 “Casa”
7. Humana EP (AX-012) 1995 “Gamma Player”
8. Very EP (AX-016) 1996 “Normalism”
9. Tomorrow EP (AX-018) 1997 “What if”
10. Live Series (PM-007) 1998 “5 minutes, 29 seconds at The Rex – Paris
11. Apollo EP (AX-019.5) 1999 “Starless”
12. Metropolis CD/EP 2000 “Perfecture”
13. Preview EP 2001 “Glen21″
14. Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 1-3 2002 “composite EDHID review
15. See The Light 1-3 2003 “A “seethelight” mix” – 7 minute mix
16. The Tomorrow Time Forgot 2004 “Man Made”
17. Suspense/Dramatized” 2005 “Dramatized”
18. Blade Runner (AX-044) 2006 “Deckard”
19. One Man Spaceship 2006 “The Art Of Barrier Breaking”
20. Systematic/The Sin (AX-048) 2007 “The Sin”
21. Alpha Centauri EP 2008 “Alpha Centauri”
22. The Good Robot (AX-055) 2009 “composite The Good Robot review
23. Sleeper Wakes CD 2010 “Space walk”
24. The Occurrence 2010 “CD segment excerpt”
25. The Power EP 2011 “Microbe”
26. The Messenger CD 2012 “Industry Of Dreams”




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