Shed becomes <i>The Killer</I> on his third album

Shed will become The Killer on his third album.

One of techno’s leading lights, Shed’s latest album doesn’t come on his regular home of Ostgut Ton, but – as previously reported – Modeselektor’s 50 Weapons label, who also recently released Doc Daneeka and Benjamin Damage’s They! Live and Addison Groove’s Transistor Rhythm.

The Killer will be released on July 27, and features an “album version” of Shed’s last single ‘The Praetorian’ [embedded below] – everything else is unheard material. As far as how it sounds goes, your guess is as good as ours, but recent years have seen Shed’s productions – at least under the Shed name; his work as EQD remains pretty firmly techno – become more and more inspired by junglist breakbeats and syncopated UK funk, so it’ll be interesting to see which way this record veers.

Shed also has a new single on the way for Ostgut Ton, as Ostgut label boss Nick Hoppner revealed to us here.

The Killer tracklist:

01. STP3/The Killer
02. Silent Witness
03. I Come By Night
04. Gas Up
05. Day After
06. Phototype
07. The Praetorian (Album Mix)
08. Ride On
09. You Got The Look
10. V10MF!/The Filler
11. Follow The Leader



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