El-P reveals tracklist and artwork for new album Cancer for Cure

Read our short interview with El-P earlier this week?

If so, you might find yourself excited about Cancer for Cure. It’s the Company Flow member, Definitive Jux founder and general underground hip-hop legend’s first full solo album since 2007’s I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead – and he’s also got another on the way, a collaborative album with Killer Mike.

A full press release has now been sent out about the album: you can check the artwork over there to the right, and we now know the full tracklist, which includes guest spots by the on fire Danny Brown and Mr. Muthafukin’ eXquire, plus Despot, Interpol’s Paul Banks and more.

In El’s words, “Every time i make these records I just try and take a snapshot of who I am and what’s on my mind at the time. Sonically, I think its a natural progression from what I’ve been doing. I try and push myself to approach the music a bit differently every time. Ultimately I think its best that I leave it up to the listener to determine if i succeeded or not or how I’ve changed my approach. I think I’m too close to the material to really know.”

You can read the full interview here, and check the tracklist below.

Cancer for Cure Tracklist:

01 Request Denied
02 The Full Retard
03 Works Every Time
04 Drones Over BKLYN
05 Oh Hail No (feat.. Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire and Danny Brown)
06 Tougher Colder Killer (feat. Killer Mike and Despot)
07 True Story
08 The Jig Is Up
09 Sign Here
10 For My Upstairs Neighbor (Mums the Word)
11 Stay Down (feat. Nick Diamonds)
12 $4 Vic/FTL (Me and You)



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