At the Drive-in update: Relationship of Command reissued, live videos, potential new album

Texan punks At the Drive-in, a group that let’s face it, any mid-twenties male who ever wore tight jeans should have a soft spot for, re-united this year.

The group, who disbanded after 2000’s seminal Relationship of Command (two of them, Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez would go on to form The Mars Volta) will play a bunch of festival shows this Summer, including Coachella, and are in the process of warming up via a run of smaller shows in their home state. Consequence of Sound [via Stereogum] have linked to three videos of the first of those shows [embedded below], which took place in Austin’s Red 7 venue last night. In case you’re wondering, it looks like a lot of fun.

In other At the Drive-in news, the group’s re-union – which previously seemed pretty temporary – might last a bit longer than initially thought. The group are currently preparing to re-release Relationship of Command on their new label Twenty-first Chapter (named after the 21st chapter of the original Clockwork Orange box, where Alex makes amends for his sins), after receiving the master recordings back from Fearless.

In a new interview with LA Weekly, the group have revealed that their revival was confirmed with an “impromptu jam session” (“We didn’t play old songs, we just started playing. I could tell from everyone’s movements and smiles that this was right”).

“We started talking about it, and then of course people hear we’re talking about it,” Rodriguez-Lopez explains. “And then Paul Tollet at Coachella, who offers us money every year to get back together and play hears about it…then it all starts to become a reality.”

Most intriguingly, later in the interview, the group’s Jim Ward hints that a new record might, just possibly, be on the horizon.

“The most exciting part to me is that there’s not a firm ending to this band,” Ward says. “This isn’t the sort of thing where we’re taking advantage of the reunion status and going and doing as many festivals as we can. We’re doing this very slowly and we literally don’t know what’s going to happen.”

You can watch those live videos below.



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