Underground Boston-area producer provides free EP.

Rizzla’s eponymous debut solo EP, following up his PNP EP with Blk.Adonis last year, is being given away as Fade to Mind’s second free offering in its Official Bootleg series.

‘Badmind Ha’ is a vogue house track full of circling cackles that will get the ballroom going, and ‘Church’ is laden with propulsive kick drums and ringing bells. ‘Psychoton’ pushes a dembow beat to its limits and stabs swords through it, while cushioning the blow with sped vocals and sweetly harmonic keys.

The easy highlight, however, is penultimate track ‘Dick’. The brisk percussion and subtle touches of horn will move bodies and please ears for sure, but the cut will be remembered for the raunchy Lil Kim snippet (what other kind is there?) that runs throughout. That sample is often just reduced to the number’s monosyllabic title, but the track reaches its peak when the pilfered Kim is given wide room to elaborate on what she likes to do with that organ.

Download it here or listen to ‘Dick’ below.

DICK (free ep out now on FADE TO MIND) by rizzla_dj



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