Kuedo drops new video, new single

‘Ascension Phase’, from Kuedo’s brilliant 2011 album Severant, now has a typically spacey video, courtesy of Sabrina Ratté and Konx-Om-Pax – who recently also directed the video for Lone’s Galazxy Gardens trailer.

You can watch it below. In an interview with Dazed, Kuedo explains that the moving sphere that the video centres around is a “post-human thing, but perhaps more in a transhuman way; like a digitized human entity, or soul symbol.

“The whole transhuman thing is a kind of weird ‘neo-spirituality’ in itself. It’s still ultimately based around hope for the human condition. I should say, I’m not one of those who are eagerly awaiting the transhuman digital dawn or something. The point I’m making is that vector imagery – cyberspatial imagery as you describe it – is often strangely imbued with a kind of human spirituality in spite of its appearance.”

Even better: Planet Mu will be releasing a new Kuedo single titled ‘Work, Live & Sleep in Collapsing Space’ on June 18. The lead track is a Severant outtake, and it’s backed with remixes by American Men’s Claude Speed (feat. Jivraj Singh) and the newly Hyperdub-signed Laurel Halo.



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