Brainfeeder newbie RYAT definitely isn’t short on ambition.

Christina McGeehan’s compositions are sweeping in scope, her delicate voice looping and twisting over lush electronic soundscapes. Having decamped from Philly to LA, the singer-producer has put the finishing touches on her new LP, Totem. The record has a loose theme: each track is designed to represent a different ‘spirit animal’. Her daemon-pop is diverse, strange and frequently enchanting.

FACT has an exclusive download of Totem cut ‘Howl’. RYAT gets the occasional Bjork comparison, and there’s something in it: both have thrillingly malleable voices, and both go in for tactile musical arrangements. On ‘Howl’, however, RYAT plots out her own territory.

The percussion work is terse and glitchy, but RYAT softens the sting with balmy synths and snatches of harp. One musical idea follows hot on the heels of the next; RYAT’s in firm command of her sound and our attention alike. Judge for yourself which critter ‘Howl’ embodies – we’re plumping for a hedgehog (prickly, but sort of cute at the same time)

Totem is due on June 4, courtesy of Brainfeeder. You can stream or download ‘Howl’ below.



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