Theo Parrish readies <i>Sound Signatures Vol. 2</i>

Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature Sounds Vol. 2 will touch down this month.

A new compilation from the house wildcard, it’s a follow-up to his 2008 compilation Sound Signature Sounds Vol. 1 (shock horror, right?) and, as was the case with that comp, collects past singles from Parrish, some on his own Sound Signatures label (2009’s ‘Sons of Osiris’, for instance), some on other labels (1997’s ‘Rain for Jimmy’, with the Three Chairs), and some unreleased altogether. It’s available to pre-order at various stores now, and is expected in stock on April 20.

If you’ve never read FACT’s Essential… guide to Theo Parrish, you can acquaint yourself here. You really should.


1 Get Got
2 I Can Take It
3 Suns Of Osiris
4 Didn’t Pay Dues (unreleased)
5 Rain For Jimmy
6 Capritarious
7 Dirt Rhodes
8 Instant Insanity
9 Timeislafinacharunninout



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