Sinden turns in Wu-sampling remix of UK rock & roll huckster.

Willy Moon is a strange beast. A self-conscious throwback to the early days of rock & roll who makes sampledelic music that could only exist in the modern era, he has something of the aura of a classic flimflam man. His original version of ‘Yeah Yeah’ features Moon howling about people biting his style over go-go breakbeats, while occasionally cutting in that same snippet of the ‘Underdog Theme’ the RZA flipped for ‘Wu-Tang Clain Ain’t Nuttin To F’ Wit’.

Sinden, on remix duty, takes that sample and a few vocal bits, throws in a 4×4 and some garagey syncopation, and works them for all their worth. The results are overwhelmingly fun.

Take a listen to or download the remix below.

Willy Moon – Yeah Yeah (Sinden Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Sinden



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