It's a Paar: 10 alternative uses for Nicolas Jaar's new compilation

Last month, a promo copy of The Prism turned up at FACT’s office.

The Prism, for those who don’t know, is a new musical format from famed CD hater Nicolas Jaar’s Clown & Sunset label. It’s a small aluminum cube with two headphone slots, and it plays the label’s new compilation, Don’t Break My Love.

Unfortunately, in FACT’s experience, the love did break. It stopped working after two listens – something which may or may not have been our fault. Either we, it got us thinking: what other uses could this new musical format have beyond, you know, playing music? Well dear reader, below are 10 we’ve discovered. You’ll be thanking us later when you’ve got the most stylish door-stop in town.

01. Dirty Projector

02. Nicolas Vaase

03. Don’t Blunt My Pencil

04. Get Rich or Die Trying

05. Salt ‘n’ Pepa

06. The most stylish door-stop in town

07. It’s a Paar: mum could only afford the one Daft Punk helmet

08. “When I monopolize I’ma throw your ass off the boardwalk”

09. “Ralph’s got the cube!” – Lord of the Flies updated for 2012

10. Probably not the most stylish dreidel in town



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