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Yet another alias of producer Steve Moore (Zombi, Gianna Rossi, Miracle), the debut Lovelock album is designed to sweep you off your feet. It ticks all the boxes you’d expect of retro-futurist cosmic disco – chugging italo basslines, chunky synths, ridiculous arpeggios, crashing guitars straight outta Miami Vice – but it’s the way they’re put together that elevates it into more interesting and original territorry. Moore’s sense of drama shows up from the off, with the title track’s opening four-note riff propelled upwards and upwards cavernous drums and computer game gunfire.

Inevitably, you land on a deserted space-age beach, all palm trees, crystal water and a feeling of unease leavened by the tangents Moore shoots off at: the helix of synths that album highlight ‘New Age Of Christ’ twists itself into midway through, the unexpected tropical edge to closer ‘Deco District’.

Moore also indulges his weakness for romance to the fullest: its four vocal cuts are passionate serenades that maintain just the right relationship with cheesiness (i.e., enough to make them even more, not less, convincing). Burning Feeling sweeps you off your feet in more ways than one, then.

Alex Macpherson



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