Update: as Pitchfork note, the first episode of The World Tomorrow is now available to watch in its entirety. There’s not oodles of music on display – some intermittent bass-wobble, and a high-pitched jingle at the end of the video – but it’s fairly obviously the work of M.I.A. You can watch the video here.

The controversial musician will compose music for Assange’s series The World Tomorrow.

M.I.A. is now working with Julian Assange to create music for the Wikileaks founder’s new television show, The World Tomorrow. The interview-based series will air starting the Tuesday, April 17th on Russian English-language network RT. Twelve episodes of the show have been filmed. Each episode will feature an interview Assange has conducted, the subjects of which are described in a press release as “some of the most interesting and controversial people alive in the world today,” at his home in the English countryside while he is on house arrest.

In December 2010, M.I.A., who took to Twitter today to declare “julian assange borrowed my computer last week , im still FREAKING OUT !!!!!,” had a leak of her own, a mixtape entitled Vicki Leekx. This work was inspired by Assange’s website and the controversy surrounding it.

A trailer for the show featuring what sounds like M.I.A.’s music can be found here, and another promo clip is featured below.




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