Motion Sickness Of Time Travel - 'One Perfect Moment' (excerpt)

Rachel Evans’ one-woman expedition into strange sonic hinterlands continues with her new self-titled LP.

Evans’ last two LPs fell within the purview of ‘ambient’, but rarely ambled off into the realms of ponderousness. Motion Sickness Of Time Travel is certainly going to be an exploratory piece, with each of record’s four tracks breaking the twenty minute mark.

As Playground report, a five minute snippet of album closer ‘One Perfect Moment’ has been made available to stream. The track is one of the glossier things she’s done. Contrary to that title, Evans doesn’t meditate on a single idea: over these five minutes, she shifts from tumescent drone to muffled electro.

Motion Sickness Of Time Travel is due on May 15, courtesy of Spectrum Spools.




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