Discipline/Communication set to drop June 5th.

Schmu, a.k.a. Sam Chown, drummer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist for frenetic Austin duo Zorch, is getting ready to release his first solo album Discipline/Communication. The set will arrive June 5th via Grand Theft Zamboni, and by the sounds of things will promise a poppier, more chillwave-oriented, take on music than his usual gig’s wilder stylings. Chown is prefacing the album with ‘House Of Stares’, a track that resembles Ariel Pink covering Talking Heads’ ‘The Great Curve’.

Check out the tracklist and the video for ‘House Of Stares’ below.

1. Impressions
2. House of Stares
3. Backwoods
4. Directions
5. Crazy #107
6. Shadowgames
7. Happiness
8. Peaceful Swan
9. Vanitos
10. &hearts
11. Heads Will Fall
12. Floatin’ Oculus
13. Turpentine
14. Fester
15. Dangerous Passion
16. Pool Party (Place 4 Us)



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