Earlier this month, DFA/LCD Soundsytem top banana James Murphy stopped by Boiler Room.

As part of the team-up between Boiler Room and Red Bull Music Academy, Murphy turned out a streamable DJ set for the site. As part of his stay, Murphy recorded a revealing 60 minute interview-cum-lecture, which has just been made available to watch in its entirety.

The set-up of the lecture is rather sweet, with sixty or so rapt listeners haphazardly crammed into what looks like a sixth form common room. The exchange is certainly a little more rushed than usual: considering that Clams Casino got a two-hour grilling, Murphy has to rattle through his lengthy career at something of a lick.

Murphy walks the audience through the last LCD Soundsytem show, his most honest song, and his past life as a ‘manipulative, miserable kid’ listening to Gilbert & Sullivan in a Darth Vader outfit. Murphy is an exceptionally engaging raconteur – find an hour in your diaries to give this a full read-through.

You can watch the video over at the Boiler Room.



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