We’ll be hearing a lot about The Stone Roses over summer as they embark on their heavily trailed reunion tour.

For those looking to get back in a suitably ‘mad fer it’ mood, a new Stone Roses photography exhibition has just been announced. ‘The Stone Roses: The Third Coming’ promises a “definitive” visual account of the band in their heyday. No swanky gallery or pristine installation space for these chippy lads: the exhibition is scheduled to take place at Whiteleys Shopping Centre.

The exhibition will collate over 70 photographs of the band the likes of Kevin Cummins, Ian Tilton and Paul Slattery. Iconic shots will appear alongside previously unseen images from the pre-eminent rock photographers of the era.

The exhibition will run from June 13-August 12 at Whiteleys in Bayswater, London.



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