Preditah’s remix is a meeting of grime luminaries.

Donae’o’s career path has taken him from an OG of grime, right at the point where that style was starting to distinguish itself from 2-step garage, to bellowing UK funky refugee and back into grimier territory. One constant, though, has been the sense of loose, good-natured fun that runs through his work.

On Preditah’s remix of ‘Big Ben’, Donae’o reprises his goofy “My style is Big to the Ben” chorus from the original, while Preditah provides a colorful grime beat, replete with vocoder echoes of Donae’o’s alphabetic chants. Guests Scrufizzer and Mz Bratt both reference older tracks by the marquee artist and up the already considerable energy level.

Check out the track below.



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