Ostgut Ton’s Panorama Bar mix series has previously offered an outlet to Tama Sumo, Prosumer and Cassy.

Not unsurprisingly, label boss Nick Höppner is the next house cat to take the plunge. Panorama Bar 04 promises to showcase Höppner’s technical chops and extensive schooling in house music history. Over the course of the 75 minute set, the Berghain resident runs the gamut from mutant disco (The Mole) through to classic house (Andres). Along the way, Höppner’s been good enough to sprinkle in exclusive tracks from Matthew Styles, Jon McMillion and Dexter.

Panorama Bar 04 is due on July 2 via Ostgut Ton.

01. Jon McMillion – T-Station (previously unreleased)
02. Furry Phreaks – Lament For A Dead Computer Part 1
03. Fabrizio Mammarella – Way Out
04. Matthew Styles – Liquid Sky (previously unreleased)
05. Chateau Flight – Welcome (Full Lenght Meex)
06. DJ Gregory – Attend 1
07. The Mole – Hippy Speedball (previously unreleased)
08. Quince – Alfa
09. Manoo – Abyss
10. Like This Productions – Fixation
11. Carsten Jost – Divide Et Impera (K.Lakizz Remix)
12. Whirlpool Productions – One, Two
13. Swan – Can You Rock To This?
14. Gary Martin – Pimping People In High Places (Woodward Ave Mix)
15. Dez Williams – Emotional Blackmail
16. Dexter – X7D (previously unreleased)
17. Americhord – Midnight
18. Scott Grooves – Detroit 808
19. DJ Emanuel – Untitled
20. Andrés – New For U





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