A lot of folks are trying to turn a light on South London Ordnance, but the young producer insists on clinging to the shadows.

Mary Anne Hobbs has been evangelising about South London Ordnance for a while, and his tunes have crept up in sets from Mosca, Dark Sky and Tessela. Despite the hubbub, he’s been cagey with his biography: we know he’s in his mid twenties, and has been turning out productions for around 18 months. 2nd Drop Records have nabbed the producer for his first 12″ release, titled ‘Sanctuary’/’Roofy’, and it’s a fine calling card.

The most interesting facet of South London Ordnance’s work is his unusual approach to texture. The drum work on ‘Sanctuary’ is spartan, and the snares are as aggressive as any gully grime track. This bare-bones undercarriage is, however, complimented by a thick sound palette: bass, synth and muffled recicative blur into one clotted blend of sound. The beat skips from Funky syncopation to 4/4 thud. South London Ordnance does ‘dank’ better than most, and there are all sorts of subtle developments at work throughout the track. Make no bones about it: South London Ordnance is mapping out some interesting territory.

‘Sanctuary’/’Roofy’  are due on May 14.



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