Amidst the veritable tsunami of Record Store Day curios, John Cale’s Extra Playful: Transitions stands out a mile.

Naturally, any release from the Velvet Underground fiddler and one-man avant-garde institution will garner interest in certain quarters. But Domino subsidiary Double Six have played a blinder by assembling some seriously interesting names to remix the legendary Welshman. Actress, Maria Minerva, Leyland Kirby, Tim Hecker and Alva Noto all contribute remixes of material culled from Cale’s 2011 Extra Playful EP.

We’ve already pointed you towards streams of the Minerva and Hecker cuts. Now, FACT have an exclusive download of Actress’ remix of Cale’s ‘Perfection’. The ‘Reflection Mix’ offers a warped vision of the original: the synth-lines recall R.I.P‘s brittle atmospherics, but the drums are rattling and pounding. Pizzicato strings appear without warning, and the rhythm often threatens to fall apart completely. Around the halfway mark, things start to get very odd indeed. All in all, it’s a mischievious interpretation, by turns graceful and Gothic.

Extra Playful: Transitions is out tomorrow (April 21) on Double Six. More information is available from the Double Six website.

FACT have three 12″ copies of Extra Playful: Transitions to give away. To grab a copy, sling an email over to, with ‘John Cale’ and your name in the subject line.



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