Animal Collective - <em>Transverse Temporal Gyrus</em>

Some artists used Record Store Day as a cue to dribble out a measly edit or two. Animal Collective, by contrast, offered fans a full live LP.

Transverse Temporal Gyrus sounds like a fascinating project, all told. The recording dates back to March 2010, when the band set up shop in New York’s Guggenheim Museum. Each member prepped individual material in advance. Over the course of two lengthy performances, a computer program randomised and rejigged the discrete compositions, and panned the results across a 36 channel, 36 speaker soundsystem. The LP is a ‘collage’ constructed from the original tapes, spliced with more conventional live recordings from the band.

Pitchfork have pointed us towards full audio recordings of the 12″. As you’d expect, it’s a jumbled affair, but it’s a sensuous and often surprising listen. For a band making headway with song-orientated structures, it’s great to hear Animal Collective trawling the hinterlands. Part 1 and Part 2 are available below.




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