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FACT mix 326 comes from da mind – ahem – of Traxman.

Real name Cornelius Ferguson, Traxman is one of the most respected names in footwork, but he’s also one of the last to find a home on Planet Mu, the UK-based imprint that has been instrumental in the global spread of juke – primarily through its Bangs & Works compilations and artist albums from the likes of DJ Roc and DJ Diamond.

Traxman can now, finally, be added to the list: having previously contributed to the Ghettoteknitianz EP with DJ Rashad, DJ Earl and Gant-Man, he’s finally unveiled his debut album proper, Da Mind Of Traxman, on Mu, and it’s no exaggeration to say it’s one of the most satisfying, singular and buoyant footwork full-lengths we’ve ever heard – with plenty of low-slung funk and flavour from hip-hop and classic Chicago house squeezed into the gaps between those galloping kicks and snares. Check out FACT’s enthusiastic review here.

There’s real pedigree to Ferguson’s sound: after all, he’s been rolling out ghetto house jams since virtually day dot, with releases on the mighty Dance Mania in the 1990s, and he’s also one of the co-founders of Chicago’s Geto DJz collective (now entering its third decade of existence). His mixtapes were among those that precipitated, and defined, the early stages of footwork; his knowledge and understanding of music is deep. He’s old-school, basically.

As such, his FACT mix is every bit as commanding and no-nonsense as you’d expect. As well as treating us to no less than 15 of his own productions, Traxman reps DJ Assault, DJ Manny, DJ Deeon, DJ Nehpets, DJ Earl and DJ Nasty in this breakneck, 30-tracks-in-34-minutes session.  It’s the proper stuff.

FACT mix 326 – Traxman

1. DJ Deeon – ‘Da Box’ [Dance Mania]
2. DJ Assault – ‘Ass N Titties’ [Intuit-solar]
3. Traxman – I Like Getting High [Lit City Trax]
4. Traxman – Let Me See Yo Body
5. DJ Deeon – Da Bomb [Dance Mania]
6. DJ Nehpets – Mario [Subterranean Playhouse]
7. Traxman – Who Needz Forever
8. DJ Rashad & DJ Manny – Move Out [Lit City Trax]
9. Traxman – Move It 2012 [Lit City Trax]
10. Traxman – Now Shake It
11. Traxman – Mr Nice Guy
12. Traxman – K Gee Track
13. DJ Manny – Computer World [Lit City]
14. DJ Assault – Ride [DataBass]
15. Traxman – Stayin Alive (2012 Juke Remixx)
16. DJ Manny – Good Feelin [Lit City Trax]
17. DJ Manny  – Good Feelin Yea [Lit City Trax]**
18. DJ Manny – Halftime [Lit City Trax]
19. Traxman – I Feel Tha Shit
20. Traxman – Haunted House
21. DJ Earl – Don’t Slip Away
22. Traxman – Da One and Only Tekklyfe Remix
22. DJ Nasty – What I Like
23. DJ Manny – What The Hell
24. DJ Manny and Dj Rashad – Everything I Do
25. Traxman – Go On Girl [Lit City Trax]
26. Traxman – Work Yo Body
27. Traxman – Dig This Babe
28. DJ Godfather – Bangin The Beat [DataBass]
29. Traxman – La Di Day
30. DJ Rashad – Nice N Fast [Lit City Trax]



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