We can now reveal full details of Shackleton’s new release is here.

The handsome edition, forthcoming Shack’s own Woe To The Septic Heart label, is a handsome box (pictured below) set containing three 12″s, one CD and a  12″x12″ booklet of artwork by longtime visual collaborator Zeke Clough. It’s his first extended release since last year’s Pinch collaboration, and his first significant solo offering since 2010’s Fabric 55 mix of all-original material.

The first part of the release is the CD, entitled Music For The Quiet Hour, and is comprised of five long pieces featuring vocals by Tenfold Vengeance. The second part, spread across the three 12″s, is called The Drawbar Organ EPs – and features 10 further original productions, none of which appear to have been released in any other form previously. Tracklists below.


Music For The Quiet Hour
1. Music For The Quiet Hour Part 1
2. Music For The Quiet Hour Part
3. Music For The Quiet Hour Part
4. Music For The Quiet Hour Part
5. Music For The Quiet Hour Part
The Drawbar Organ EPs
1. (for the) Love Of Weeping
2. Touched
3. Seven Present Tenses
4. Powerplant
5. Test Tubes
6. Dipping
7. Katyusha
8. Wish Your Better
9. It Is Not Easy




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