AlunaGeorge is the combination of singer Aluna Francis and knob-twiddler George Reid. They might not know how to brainstorm a band name, but they certainly have a way with a woozy R&B number.

The London duo are an interesting member of the Tri Angle family: in contrast to their furtive brethren, AlunaGeorge’s glitchy R&B is glossy and upfront. There are touches of Tri Angle gloom, but much of their work wouldn’t sound out of place on, say, Dawn Richard’s excellent Armor On EP. Considering how many of their contemporaries get by with filleted R&B samples, it’s invigorating to hear Francis’ flesh’n’blood live vocals.

Their new EP has the rather brassy title of You Know You Like It. The title track has become something of a calling card for the duo, and will be augmented by two new tracks. You can watch the video for the title track below.

You Know You Like It is available digitally now. Tri Angle will release the EP on vinyl on June 11.

1. You Know You Like It
2. Just A Touch
3. Put Your Hands up





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