Darren White, alias dBridge, has a new joint EP in the works with Instra:mental’s Convex.

dBridge and Convex have had pretty consonant careers. The pair have worked together on everything from a FabricLive mix to their Autonomic project. Moreover, both have strayed from drum’n’bass backgrounds into more sedate 4/4 territory in their autumn years.

As Juno Plus report, an as-yet untitled joint EP is set to arrive on Martyn’s 3024 label later this year. Not much more is known about the project as yet, but it’s expected to feature buzz-getter ‘Lied To Be Loved’. You can listen to the track, plucked from Martyn’s Essential Mix, below.

More pressingly, dBridge also has a 10″ of his own coming out later this month. Passing Encounter/Scarlett will arrive on (surprise, surprise) Convex’s own Convex Industries label. The “bass techno” cuts promise to be brooding, propulsive numbers. Passing Encounters/Scarlett, pictured right, is due on April 30.




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