Lukid reveals more about new album

It’s (fairly) common knowledge that Lukid has a new album due on Actress’s Werk Discs label.

Following Onandon, Foma and triple-vinyl EP Chord, it’ll be the glum-faced Brit’s fourth extended record for Werk, and is due out in Summer. In a new interview with Red Bull Music Academy, Lukid describes the record as “quite rough and raw. It’s quite varied but I think there’s a mood tying it all together. It’s not quite as glummy as the Glum [Lukid’s label] stuff. I’m trying to keep everything a little separate.”

“I tried to put it together carefully”, continues Lukid. “Collected all the songs I had made in the last while and put them into some kind of order and whittled tracks away and then made tracks that I thought were needed. In the end it was one big track that I then had to chop into tracks. But not in some fucking ELO type way – don’t worry I’m not rockin’ any widdly, hand-in-the-air synth solos.”

“[It’ll be released in] “Summer hopefully. [Werk have] been pretty hands off. Asked me if I’m happy with it, and if I am then let’s go ahead with it. I’ve got a few people I send stuff to. That second opinion is vital. I think it’s good with Werk, it’s flattering really that they trust me enough I guess.”

It’s not the only album Werk will release this year: following his superb R.I.P on Honest Jon’s, Actress will release an album for Werk titled Ghettoville.

You can hear Lukid’s classic FACT mix, from way back in 2008, here.




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