John Peel's record collection to start being made public and streamable from tomorrow

Update: According to The Independent [via Twitter], the collection will not – as was previously claimed – be streamable.

It will, however, showcase Peel’s meticulous cataloging system he had where, for each record, he would “type out a filing card for every album. Starting in 1969, he made a postcard-sized card for each new LP, and inscribed the name of the album; the name of the band and all the tracks.”

In the words of Sheila Ravenscroft, John Peel’s widow, “Even just within those first 100 records from each letter, I think people are going to be very interested as to what’s in the collection. I think they will be amused and intrigued by it.“There’ll be information about the record sleeve, front and back, all the information about the record itself, as well as whether John rated the album or not.”

“Then out of those first 100, we’ve chosen one artist that we’re honing in on, that we’re going to do a special thing on each week.”

Remember all that chat about John Peel’s record collection being made public?

In  short, earlier this year it was announced that the late radio DJ’s vaults – which allegedly comprise 25,000 LPs, 40,000 singles and “many thousands” of CDs – would be made into a Arts Council-funded “interactive online museum” called The Space, allowing fans to explore the great man’s collection while viewing his “personal notes, archive performances and new filmed interviews with musicians.”

Today, it has been revealed that the first 100 records from Peel’s collection will be online as of tomorrow (May 1). Stool Pigeon report that The Space intends to post 100 new records per week, which, we imagine, will take the project well beyond the originally proposed May-October 2012 length.

Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, of course. You can check out the Space here – it’s currently blank, but that will all change tomorrow.



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