Mike Silver’s wistful electronica project is saddled up and ready to ride again.

After last year’s surprisingly ravey ‘Cometrue’ single, Silver is set to return with Exercises, an eight-track exploration into all things twinkly and taciturn. The album is due to see release on Dummy Records,who promise a “hyper-personal” album inspired by Phillip Glass.

Silver has previously remixed the likes of Aaliyah, Crystal Castles and Sally Shapiro. The Montreal producer is currently toiling away on a new full-length proper.

Exercises is due out on June 21 as a digital and vinyl release. The record is currently available for download from Bleep. Exercises is also available to stream below.

1. Exercise #1 (Entry)
2. Exercise #2 (School)
3. Exercise #3 (Building)
4. Exercise #4 (Spirit)
5. Exercise #5 (September)
6. Exercise #6 (December)
7. Exercise #7 (Loss)
8. Exercise #8 (Change)



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