Electronic music legend Jean Michel Jarre launches new range of iPod docks

Electronic music legend Jean Michael Jarre and his company Jarre Technologies have released a new range of iPod accessories.

Unfortunately there’s no built in light show, but there’s some definite flair to the products [via Digital Trends]. The AeroPad One [right] and AeroPad Two [above] are speaker docks made from stainless steel and wood – finish for which comes in bamboo, white or black – and use a 30-pin connector to accept Apple’s iPhone, iPod and iPad. Due to the size however, it probably looks best with the humble iPod.

Sound on the AeroPad One comes courtesy of a pair of 30-watt RMS speakers and a 60-watt subwoofer, while Two steps up the game with four 30-watt RMS speakers and an 80-watt subwoofer.

Both products have a USB socket, a 3.5mm input jack and Bluetooth connectivity, and come with a remote control [bottom]. As you might expect, they’ll also set you back: the AeroPad One clocks in at 499 Euros, and the AeroPad Two 699.

Neither are as expensive as the AeroDream One, however: the 11-foot, made-to-order iPhone dock previously released by Jarre Technologies set punters back close to €400,000.

Bet you can’t use it as a pencil sharpener, mind you.



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