FACT seeks North American news editor

FACT is looking for a North American news editor.

We’re looking for somebody who reads FACT regularly, and is already familiar with the website’s tone, structure, and what we would and wouldn’t cover. Candidates should have taste in music that covers a wide range of different scenes, styles and genres, and be as adept in covering Beyonce and Bobby Womack as they are Shed and Black Dice (or at least be able to blag one or the other).

Crucially, we’re looking for someone who’s hungry, and dedicated to covering news first and covering it well. Candidates should already consider themselves up on what’s going on in the world of music, and should be able to break stories based on what’s happening on social networks and pre-order lists as well as press releases in their inbox. We’re also looking for someone who’s keen to find out more on a story when it breaks – someone swift to get in touch with a story’s subject for quotes or more information.

Candidates should preferably have previous experience, but it’s not a deal-breaker. If you’re interested, get in touch at factusapplications@gmail.com.



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