Vernonica Vasicka’s Minimal Wave label have done a sterling job of excavating forgotten gems from the depths of early 1980s bedroom synth-pop scene.

From the essential Minimal Wave Tapes compilations through to LPs from Autumn and Turquoise Days, the label has unearthed revelation after revelation. As Juno Plus report, French experimentalists In Aeternam Vale are the next to get the dust down treatment.

Dust Under Brightness will assemble remastered tracks from across the In Aeternam Vale canon. Having already compiled some of their work in 2009, Minimal Wave have now selected eight new tracks deemed to summarise the band’s inimitable appeal. Vasicka and her cohorts have certainly had a fair bit of sifting to do: In Aeternam Vale released somewhere in the region of 200 cassettes over their career. A 12″ single is also on the way, featuring a full twelve minute version of ‘Dust Under Brightness’. ‘Highway Dark Veins’, a techno-indebted cut from 1987, is on the flip.

Centred around figurehead Laurent Prot, In Aeternam Vale started releasing records back in 1983. There’s real variation across their canon: sunny pop, Oram-indebted experimentation and gristly coldwave all get a look in. The record comes packaged with rather splendid artwork by designer Eamon Ore-Giron.

Dust Under Brightness is due soon on Minimal Wave.

1. Dust Under Brightness
2. Dance Binaire
3. Twist Again
4. Mat
5. Metal
6. Annie
7. Al W
8. Strawberry Flower



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