More information emerges on Becoming Real's ice cold mini-album

Winter-obsessed UK producer Becoming Real has unveiled more information about his new mini-album.

Titled Solar Dreams / Neon Decay, it clocks in at seven tracks and will be released on May 28 through the Not Even label. Having given it a listen, initial thoughts are that it’s more propulsive and danceable than Becoming Real’s past work – he’s always had the spooky atmospherics down, but now the music targets your hips as much as it does your third eye.

There’s still plenty of the icy, Wiley-style square wave synths on show though: Becoming Real may have made his music more danceable, but he’s certainly not turned up the temperature. You can stream two tracks from Solar Dreams below, ‘Snow Drift Love’ and the Lady Chann-featuring ‘Work Me’. That’s the cover art on your right.

Work Me-Becoming Real ft. Lady Chann by Becoming Real


1. Snow Drift Love
2. Lady Lazarus
3. Work Me Ft. Lady Chann
4. Equinox
5. Anthropology
6. Slow Memory Ft. Sunless 97
7. Zoning



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