Diddy's favourite house DJ to mix Fabric's next CD

Israeli DJ and producer Guy Gerber will mix Fabric’s next CD.

Gerber’s [right] installment in the London club’s long-running series of mix CDs follows a well-received set by New York house champion Levon Vincent. A tough act to follow, sure, but Gerber has one asset that Levon Vincent presumably doesn’t – Diddy in his phonebook.

Bad Boy Records mogul and famed house music convert (we’d say ecstasy convert, but you know) Diddy has been fascinated with Ibiza culture for a while: it was an influence on his occasionally-incredible last album (with Dirty Money), Last Train to Paris, and he’s regularly spotted jumping on stage at Ibiza blow-outs to a mixed reactions from audiences. A recent interview with Seth Troxler revealed that Diddy recently requested that the Visionquest head DJ at his mansion.

Gerber, it seems, has been his closest connection to that world. The two of them have supposedly finished a collaborative album titled 11.11, and Gerber has spoken in the past about helping Diddy understand how to produce dance music.

In Gerber’s words, from an interview with Pulse Radio [via RA] his contribution to Fabric’s series is one long “70 minute composition that’s almost like a 70 minute track, instead of just connecting tracks”.

“It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time”, Gerber continues. “And since I’ve also been working with  Diddy and I was also doing some Indie stuff, I was getting a little bit bored of just making normal tracks. So [with my approach] I didn’t need to make an intro and and outro […] I could start putting in other melodies.  It created..like a journey inside my soul. A collection of moments…  This was all made in 3 ½ weeks. So it’s like 70 minutes inside my mind and heart.”

Fabric 64 is expected to see the light of day this June.



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