The Bank Holiday weekend has been thoroughly overshadowed by the tragic death of Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch.

On this week of all weeks, bizarre news has emerged that Beastie Boys are being taken to court over copyright violation claims. AllHipHop report that rap label Tuf America have submitted a lawsuit accusing the group of copyright infringement. With spectacularly unfortunate timing, Tuf America filed the papers on May 3, the day before Yauch passed away.

The tracks in question are taken from Beastie Boys classics Licensed To Ill and Paul’s Boutique. Tuf America allege that ‘Hold It Now Hit It’, ‘The New Style’ and ‘Car Thief’ all illegally use portions of Trouble Funk’s 1982 track ‘Drop The Bomb’. The label also claim that Beasties classic ‘Shadrach’ pilfers from Trouble Funk’s ‘Say What’.

For those looking to read a more gracious appraisal of the Beasties’ impact, we’ve collected some of the many heartfelt tributes to Yauch’s life and work.



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