Like dolorous disco? Hate percussion? Chromatics have got your back

The Portland combo released their long-awaited new album Kill For Love earlier this year. As Consequence Of Sound report, the band have posted up an entirely drum-free version of the LP. Chief Chromatic Johnny Jewel gave some insight into the release:

“It’s just for people to have fun with… It’s 11 tracks, because some of the tracks don’t have drums to begin with. It’s all the pop songs without drums…I also mastered an instrumental version of the entire album. I always master multiple versions in case I want to collage or edit them later. I was really liking the way the vocal mixes sounded with no drums and I think that the drums on the album are so heavy, that it’s interesting to hear the record as this almost empty, almost a cappella kind of thing”

You can download Kill For Love, sans drums, by clicking here. The revised tracklist is below.

01. The Page
02. These Streets Will Never Look the Same
03. Lady
04. Kill for Love
05. At Your Door
06. Back From the Grave
07. A Matter of Time
08. Candy
09. The River
10. There’s a Light Out on the Horizon
11. Into the Black



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