Following on from his recent freebie EP, house maverick Moodymann has a new release in the works.

As Juno Plus report, The I Guess You Never Been Lonely EP will collect three new tracks. ‘Jimmy D’s Theme’ is a Godzilla-aping slice of weirdness, whereas ‘Icecreamnthesummertyme’ is a languid affair. It’s the Junior Boys-augmented title track, however, that takes the gold.

Junior Boys make music for bedrooms, whereas Moodymann sticks to dance floors; the result is a wonderfully creepy synthesis of two very different sensibilities. Jeremy Greenspan’s brittle vocals are filtered to death, and some of the synth tones recall Derrick May at his spookiest. But, this being Kenny Dixon Jr., there’s a slinkiness that prevents things from slipping into introspection. Irie and eerie, in short.

The I Guess You Never Been Lonely EP will arrive on Moodymann’s pet KDJ label soon.




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