Scuzzy synth-combo Led Er Est are about to gift the world their sophomore album.

The Diver is due out later this month on Sacred Bones. Like its 2009 predecessor Dust On Common, the album is a melodic set of driving nu-no-wave. Shawn O’Sullivan and Sam De La Rosa have clearly listened to their fair share of Suicide records, but they’ve manage to accrue buzz on their own terms through some nifty songwriting and an impressive live reputation.

‘Bladiator’ is latest single from the new album. Compared to lead-off ‘Kaiyo Maru’, ‘Bladiator’ is a wrought affair. Bitcrushed drums hammer away as the band tease out a volley of deformed synth tones and found sound. There’s a touch of Vangelis about proceedings; if Kuedo wore shades and a wilting leather jacket, he might make music a little like this.

The Diver is due on May 14; cast your eyes below to peruse the tracklist.

1. Animal Smear
2. Housefire at Zumi’s
3. Kaiyo Maru
4. The Diver
5. Bladiator
6. Agua Fuerte
7. Arab Tide
8. Divided Parallel
9. Iron the Mandala
10. La Lluvia y Memoria, Sanetta



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