Manhattan rock institution CBGB closed it doors for the last time in October 2006.

The venue had previously played hosts to notorious gigs by the likes of The Cramps, The Ramones and Blondie. Despite having closed its doors, the space still lives on in rock’n’roll legend (not to mention the lyrics sheets of Talking Heads’ ‘Life During Wartime’ and LCD Soundsystem’s ‘Losing My Edge’)

Earlier this year, we heard news that CBGB would be revived as a four day festival. According to NME, the venue might now be rising from the ashes. The investors behind the festival are allegedly looking into reopening CBGB permanently at a different site in the city.

Investor Tim Hayes offered some insight into the scope of the project: “We’re trying to continue the idea of supporting live music, making a lot of noise and being a part of New York City. The festival is one way we can do it. Eventually the club will be another way we can do it.

CBGB originally closed after disputes over rent payments between founder Hilly Kristal and his landlords. The festival is set to feature c. 300 bands spread over 30 venues across the city on July 5-8.



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