Luke Abbott’s been turning out gauzy techno with a melancholic streak since the middle of the last decade.

His lovely 2010 LP Holkham Drones offered a selection of slinky, straightforwardly melodic confections. New track ‘Modern Driveway’ suggests that Abbott still knows his way around a yearning synth melody. The track is lifted from a forthcoming EP of the same name. The record will see release on Gold Panda’s Notown imprint (the label’s first significant non-Gold Panda release, incidentally)

‘Modern Driveway’ is a delightful example of Abbott’s shoegazey sensibilities. Abbott’s not averse to the odd sonic quirk: there’s a hint of UK Funky in the percussion track, not to mention a recurrent synth tone pitched somewhere between a foghorn and a hang drum. The pointillist percussion hits and gloopy synth washes are, however, definitely in sync with James Holden, Nathan Fake et al. You can take the Border Community out of the man, but…

Modern Driveway is due on June 25. You can stream the track here.



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