Nile Rodgers seems to have become quite the go-to guy in 2012.

Earlier this year, we marvelled at reports that Rodgers was recording with Daft Punk. According to Clash, the Chic figurehead has now been sharing recording space with La Roux. In an interview with the site, Rodgers had the following to say about he hook-up:

“I was in London giving a speech, and before my plane took off I popped over to the studio. We only looked into each other’s eyes one night and played guitar and listened to music one night, so it’s in what I would call the embryonic stage…Elly Jackson said to me – and I hope I’m not compromising her words or paraphrasing her poorly – “I feel like I wasn’t born in this era.” When she said that to me I almost said to myself “I love you.” When I was a kid, even though I was 5 or 6 years old, the music that I liked wasn’t the music of the day. I felt like I was this thing that was miscast, that I was this being that had been put on the earth 30 or 40 years too late – so the music I related to was jazz.

Jackson had previously namechecked Chic as a major inspiration on La Roux’s forthcoming new record. La Roux’s keyboardist Ben Norris recently released a solo record on 100% Silk under the Fort Romeau moniker.



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