Ariel Pink has spoken to SPIN about his upcoming new album.

The record will be the second Haunted Graffiti full-length to be released on 4AD, and is tentatively scheduled for August, though early Autumn seems a more likely bet.

“Sonically, it’s comparable,” says Pink of the new album in relation to its predecessor, 2010’s Before Today. “There are definitely not any links to my lo-fi origins. It’s so diverse but so different from anything I’ve done before. In a sense, it’s really the record I wanted to make back when I made Before Today, but couldn’t due to pressures and different factors. We had time to let our hair down and try new things…I’m not making too many stylistic changes…I’m not making dubstep. I’m doing everything the way I always do it: retro-licious, for lack of a better word.”

As yet untitled, the LP is being produced by former Haunted Graffiti member Cole M. Greif-Neill, whose recent credits include Nite Jewel’s One Second of Love and Julia Holter’s Ekstasis. A US tour is planned for September, with James Ferraro and DâM-FunK in support. “I think all the hipsters who came to all of our shows as teenagers have grown up now,” says Pink. “Hopefully they can afford it.”



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