Word on the Twittervine is that grime’s all-time greatest tag team were ready to reunite at the Eskimo Dance event in London this weekend.

Wiley and his former Roll Deep Crew colleague Dizzee Rascal’s verbal jousting is the stuff of legends in grime circles: the pair frequently went round for round on pirate radio sets, and collaborated on several tracks, including ‘2 Far’, a highlight from Dizzee’s classic 2003 debut album Boy in Da Corner.

The former friends haven’t worked together since 2003, however, falling out over – so received knowledge goes – an incident in Ayia Napa where Dizzee was stabbed. In the time since, Dizzee’s gone from being Britain’s most promising young MC to one of the country’s biggest pop stars, while Wiley has become a successful but tortured character, constantly caught between wanting to retain his street cred and wanting to see his name up in lights. Through it all, Wiley’s always been vocal about wanting to work with Dizzee again – a desire that’s never appeared reciprocated.

This weekend, depending on who you believe, this could have happened. Pictures have emerged online of Dizzee and fellow pop-star-with-grime-cred Tinchy Stryder outside Eskimo Dance, seemingly denied entry into the venue. The Eskimo Dance official Twitter account claimed that the pair were “turned away”, while Wiley has declared that “last night was nearly a reunion” between himself, Dizzee and fellow MCs Jammer and Flowdan. “Blame security”, was his last word on it.

Dizzee, however, has claimed that he was just there to drop Jammer off at the venue, and that there’s “never gonna be a reunion”.

“All this fantasy come bk to Grime shit is DEAD!”, he continued on Twitter. “I just make music sometimes people like it sometimes they don’t that’s just the way it goes! Either way i do whatever the fuck i like … There’s no beef with anyone and hasn’t been for fuck knows how long!”

Now, given Wiley’s history of bending the truth, the sensible money’s on him getting carried away a little here. But a girl can dream, right? Relive Dizzee and Wiley in their prime below, on a classic 2002-ish set from DJ Slimzee.



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