Even if you haven’t heard a note of Tom Scholefield’s recorded output, you’ll likely be familiar with his work as a designer.

Albums graced by Scholefield’s artwork include Oneohtrix Point Never’s Rifts and Lone’s Galaxy Garden. The LuckyMe affiliate is now stepping out from behind his iMac screen to showcase some knotty compositions of his own. Juno Plus report that Planet Mu will release Regional Surrealism, Scholefield’s first album under the Konx-om-Pax moniker, on July 23.

Scholefield’s music, as exemplified by his drone-heavy 2010 Optimo Tracks sampler and various online ephemera, is decidedly koanlike. Clips over at the Planet Mu website suggest that Regional Surrealism will offer substantially pricklier thrills than many of his Korg-hugging contemporaries. Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite makes a very welcome guest appearance.

1. Intro
2. Isotonic Pool
3. At Home With Mum And Dad
4. Twin Portal Redux
5. Sura-Tura-Gnosi-Cosi (ft. Steven Retchard)
6. Zang-Tumb (ft. Stuart Braithwaite)
7. Glacier Mountain Descent
8. Pillars Of Creation
9. Slootering
10. Lagoon Leisure
11. Hurt Face
12. Chambers
13. Silent Reading
14. Let’s Go Swimming



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