Deep-fried synth player Bruce Haack is one of electronic music’s odder propositions.

The Canadian experimentalist, who passed away in 1988, made music of a keeping with electroacoustic tinkerers like Raymond Scott. Throughout the Sixties and Seventies, he released a stack of vocoder-heavy synthesiser showcases and digital curiosities. His profile has been on the ascendent thanks to a number of posthumous releases on Stones Throw (most notably the 2010 Farad – The Electric Voice set), and his work has subsequently cropped in mixes by the likes of Hudson Mohawke.

Juno Plus reports that some of Stones Throws’ young breed have now assembled to produce an LP of remixes of Haack’s madcap work. Bruce Haack Remixes will feature tracks from slanted auteur James Pants and Stones Throw head Peanut Butter Wolf. Portly MC Jonwayne, scuzzy popster Vex Ruffin and Brainfeeder’s resident neck-snapper Samiyam also contribute. The bulk of the source material is taken from Haack’s Electric Lucifer (1970) and Electric Lucifer: Book II (1978) LPs, both exercises in frazzled psych-rock.

The album isn’t the first Haack tribute LP; Beck and Stereolab were contributors to Eenie Meenie Records’ 1995’s Dimension Mix compilation. Bruce Haack Remixes is due on May 22.

1. Incantation (Jonti Remix)
2. Stand Up Lazarus (PB Wolf Remix)
3. Chant of the Unborn (James Pants Remix)
4. Noon Day Sun (Vex Ruffin Remix)
5. Party Machine (Prince Language Remix)
6. Ancient Mariner (Jonwayne Remix)
7. National Anthem to the Moon (The Stepkids Remix)
8. Blam – Man Kind (Samiyam Remix)



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